Once a support request to AlutusTech has been created, we will make our best-effort to respond to your request within the next business day. We strive to respond to your request as fast as possible and, as a small company, we especially appreciate your patience. AlutusTech will use reasonable efforts to perform the Support in accordance with this Service Level Agreement and is not responsible for delays caused by the Client or for reasons beyond AlutusTech’s control.

Business Hours

AlutusTech’s business hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM EET

Support Channels

Please note that by submitting a support ticket or sending a support email you are implicitly agreeing with our Privacy Policy.


  • Help with issues during installation
  • Help troubleshooting problems
  • Help identifying work-arounds


Given the nature of some of our products, some users may need extra help beyond what we can consider standard support. Examples of items excluded:

  • Product Training
  • Workflow design
  • Product Integration
  • Custom or not supported themes


  • If you are using a version of Confluence or Jira version which has not been formally released or supported by our add-ons
  • If you are using a version of Confluence or Jira version no longer supported by Atlassian
  • If you don’t have an active subscription or maintenance license
  • Troubleshooting problems related to underlying Confluence or Jira problems